Thanks for your interest regarding 1031 Investments. Please take a moment to answer a few basic questions about your buying needs so we can help you successfully complete your 1031 in the shortest amount of time with the least hassle.  

These ten short questions take less than 2 minutes to complete.  Note that we do not provide further service without a detailed response from you via email or fax.

1031 NNN Buyer Questionnaire:

     1) What are your 1031 Exchange details? (closing date, id date, debt/equity etc)

     2) What is preferred purchase price: max and min?  How much down payment do you plan to use and have available?

     3) What cap rate are you looking for?

     4) What is the primary geographic area you want to purchase in?

     5) Will you consider other states/areas with similar or better yields?

     6) What type of tenant? Auto, Retail, Grocery, Pharmacy, Fast Food, etc?  What type of tenant credit: corporate, publicly traded, private, franchisee, etc?

     7) Have you arranged financing for your purchase? If so, with who and at what terms (rate, term, amortization)?

     8) Have you owned or do you currently own other NNN properties? Other commercial investment property?

     9) Are you a solo investor or do you have partners?

     10) Are you a licensed real estate broker or are you working with a real estate broker for this purchase criteria?

Please let us know if you would prefer a phone consultation in lieu emailing or faxing this back.  And make sure to ask about our 1031 VIP program which has put thousands of dollars into our clients' pockets.

Email to morgan(atsign) (yes .co not .com) or fax to 970-315-0123



Do you get worried about your 1031 exchange? Finding the right property in the right time frame?

We help you: 

  • save time by only sending deals that match your investment criteria, 
  • save money by making sure you get the best property that achieves your goals within the 1031 deadlines and
  • obtain peace of mind by knowing you had the best information, advice and expertise at your side.

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