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These Passive Investments Pay You to Golf


Every wish you were a golf pro or could get paid to golf?

Get paid to do what you love.

At some point we all wish we could get paid to do what we love.  (see: doing what you love while getting paid) Does it matter where the money comes from?  Do you have to be Tiger Woods to get paid while you play golf?  No.  You can get paid by other sources while playing golf.


Passive investments allow you to be "passive" and collect money from the investments.  A business is active and Tiger Woods is a business.  He has to work to make money.  He has to show up.  He has to perform.  Then he collects.

Tiger does have many passive parts to his business like his endorsements which allow him to collect money while doing other things besides playing golf.  Regardless of his golf performance or his tabloid success Tiger Woods will be able to collect passive income for life just because he is Tiger Woods.

Unfortunately, you are not Tiger Woods.

However, you can still get paid to play golf. 

Consider these passive real estate investments. 

These triple net properties require little or no management and will pay you while you play golf, they will pay you while you travel, even pay you while you eat and sleep.  The leases are triple net so the tenant takes care of pretty much everything and you collect the rent check.... while doing what you love.

These triple net properties pay you to do what you love.

Contact TMO for more details on passive real estate investments like these triple net properties:

Lowe's Net Leased Property $6,665,000 Excellent location across from a Walmart anchored retail corridor,Average Household income of $83,141 in 5mile radius,Absolute net lease, Attractive assumable financing requiring only $1.4M.

FedEx Net Leased Property $6,000,000 Cap rate 7.23% Fifteen (15) Year Lease, FedEx Corporate Guarantee (BBB), Expandable Facility

hhgregg Net Leased Property $6,143,000 8.50 % Situated on Major Retail Corridor with Over 78,000 Vehicles Daily, Irreplaceable Retail Location with Outstanding      Residual Value, Growing, Publicly Traded Regional Retailer with 174 Store Network

Orchard Supply Hardware Net Leased Property $11,110,000 Cap Rate 7.5% Rent increase by 11% in 2014, Primary lease, The Kroger Co - S&P rated BBB, Assumable $7.5 million loan

Starbucks Plaza Net Leased Property $4,604,000 8.20% Cap Rate 100% Occupied Strip Center with historically low vacancy. Mix of national, regional and local tenants, heavily Trafficked, Signalized Intersection Location.

National Tire and Battery Net Leased Property $ 3,668,000 Cap Rate: 7.50% Brand New 20-Year Lease with National Tire and Battery.Cpi increases every Five year with max of 12 persent. New sweven year lease with American mattress. average household income in 1 mile radius - $129,000. over 11800 resident in 5 miles.

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Deals are a sampling of available NNN inventory from around the US and are for reference only.