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Opportunity Zone? - What is the difference between a 1031 Exchange and a Opportunity Zone Investment?

What is all the buzz about Opportunity Zones?

If you are a real estate investor or concerned about how much tax you pay then you have heard of Opportunity Zones.

The bipartisan Opportunity Zone Legislation was part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Like a 1031 Exchange, the OZ legislation is meant to spur economic growth by providing capital gains tax relief. Yet, there are some key differences in each tax deferral process and investment strategy that investors should know about.

I was fortunate to be a guest this week on Jimmy Atkinson's popular Opportunity Zones Podcast. In this episode, we discuss:

- What are the similarities and differences between a 1031 exchange and an Opportunity Zones investment?

- How do the investor profiles of the two programs differ?

- We also touch on triple net properties and dive a little into my back story.

I appreciate Jimmy having me on his show. Jimmy is a great guy. Make sure to check out the value he brings to the Opportunity Zone space over at OpportunityDb.

The interview is two parts.

Part One covers 1031 v. OZ and is here in entirety.

Part Two covers impact investing and our separate business COMPOUND global. COMPOUND is a global impact investment fund creating triple bottom line returns from real assets. Triple bottom line refers to positive social and environmental impact returns alongside financial returns. Part Two is here.

OpportunityDb (The Opportunity Zones Database) provides world-class tools, education, and analysis to help individual investors, family offices, real estate developers, and industry service providers navigate the ins and outs of the Opportunity Zone program — empowering them to help create positive social impact in under-invested areas of our country.

How To Find The Best 1031 NNN Properties For Sale

How To Find The Best 1031 NNN Properties For Sale

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Is the Lease really a NNN Lease? - Triple Net Properties Q&A

Today we look at if the Lease is really triple net?  Is it absolute net, triple net or double net?

In NNN investing, the lease is one of the most important things. The point of investing in NNN properties is to have a "hands off" investment.

When buying NNN properties make sure to read the lease to see if it is really true NNN or not.

Many triple net brokers and NNN sellers will advertise the lease as "net leased" or "ease of management" or "minimal landlord responsibilities" . Often times the lease will have more landlord responsibilities that advertised.

In this Video and Audio Q&A Thomas Morgan, CCIM of talks about absolute net leases, NNN leases, and NN leases.

Beware of opening escrow without having read the lease to see if it is triple net or not. This will save you time and money on your 1031 exchange NNN property purchase.


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