How To Find The Best 1031 NNN Properties For Sale

How to find the best 1031 NNN Properties

How to find the best 1031 NNN Properties

Finding a good selection of 1031 NNN properties for sale is not as easy as you might hope.

Because there is no reliable central repository of commercial listings, the NNN properties for sale in the market are typically spread across a number of different resources, only some of which are freely available to the public.

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Internet Listings of 1031 NNN Properties for Sale

There are a few sites which present NNN properties for sale as well as other commercial real estate listings. The two best known, Loopnet and Costar Exchange, are now a monopoly. Both allow just about anyone to post listings of NNN properties for sale, as well as other property types. While Costar charges an arm and a leg for its "data" it heists from brokers, Loopnet is less expensive but still has some pretty hefty fees. The key problem with these sites is that many of the best NNN properties for sale never make it on to them and transactions are done via broker to broker relationships. And any Joe Schmoe can post a property whether they have control over it or not.

Principal Listings of 1031 NNN Properties for Sale

Many principals, whether they are owners or developers, list their own NNN properties for sale on their websites. CrestNetLease and Kimco Realty are two such ownership groups that do this, and Bencor Development is an example of a developer that posts its NNN properties for sale right online. Although direct principal to principal marketing can yield you access to inventory, it is a great amount of work to visit each of these sites. In addition, because you do not have an expert guiding you, you may not know which of the 1031 NNN properties for sale that you see are good deals and which are not.

Hire A Professional Broker to Bring You 1031 NNN Properties for Sale

The easiest way to find 1031 NNN properties for sale is also the best way.

Why not sit back and let the best properties that meet your criteria come to you?

Instead of spending your time to scour the Internet to find just a small subset of the NNN properties for sale out there, hire a broker and let them do the work for you. Your broker should have not only a strong knowledge of all of the places to look for NNN properties for sale, but should also have insider access to listings that you may not be able to see. In addition, he/she should be able to guide you to not only good NNN properties for sale, but to the best NNN properties for sale for you and your specific needs. In addition, because most sellers will pay the broker’s commission, the service and guidance that he brings you should not even cost you anything.  

This is really the best deal going in the marketplace: you get knowledgeable professional advice from a 1031 NNN broker who is in the market everyday specializing in 1031 NNN properties at no cost to you!

Or call Thomas Morgan, CCIM, a Triple Net NNN Broker, at 1-866-539-1777 with over $1,00,000,000 worth of experience in 35+ states.

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